About me and this blog

Perhaps you might be wondering why Servant Princess as a nickname? Many years ago I was asked to write a devotion. It took the form of a parable like story about a princess. I wrote several more and earned the nickname of the”Princess”.  Feeling that I was not up to a nickname of Princess and the sometime negative connotation connected with the name (when I grew up the name princess was given to someone who thought that they were “all that”) I added servant to the front. After all I am a princess being a daughter of the King of kings and at the same time I am also a “bond servant”, since I have willingly give my life to Him. I like that identity of Servant Princess. It does fit well.

One of my passions is the study of God’s Word. A few months ago I began a study of the Book of Esther using a Bible study by Beth Moore entitled “Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman.” I have done several of her studies and have always come away richer, in knowledge and insights. I am also using other resources as I have become very intrigued with this very unusual book of the Bible. I plan on sharing some of what I have learned in this blog. So check back and check back often. Please comment so that I may learn from you.  I pray that you will be blessed by what the Lord has given me to share with you.

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