Egos Inflated and Deflated While You Wait

Chapter 4 left Esther with a tough decision but she decides to do the right thing with the words “if I perish, I perish”.

After fasting and having many others fast with her (code word for prayer). Chapter 5 opens with “On the third day”… This is the third day of the fast. Esther acts. She puts on her royal robes and stands where Xerxes can see her. Remember if she finds favor she will live and he will hear her plea. If not she could be exiled like Vasti, the former queen or worse lose her life. Thankfully she finds favor and he holds the scepter out to her, the sign that she is accepted there. She reaches out to touch it. He offers acceptance but she must accept the offer. This reminds me of what the Lord does for us with the exception that we are not in royal robes but tattered and filthy rags – our sin. That’s how he views them according to Isaiah 64:6. I wrote a story portraying our “garments”, see Accusations of the Usurper, here is the link-

Jesus holds out the cross and His finished work there for us but we must reach out and accept. Have you done that? Please do.

Esther’s husband is willing to grant her request without even knowing what she wanted. He knows his wife well enough to know that she would not come to him unless it was necessary. She had proven herself to be sensible. Since all her needs were met, food, clothes, shelter — and the best to boot. She has no reason to come just to visit. His interest is piqued.

We are expecting her to come out and accuse Haman of his dastardly deed but she doesn’t.  What happened? Did she lose her nerve or did her unmentioned God hold her back? It seems like a part of the plan because the banquet had been prepared. She invites Xerxes and Haman ( the enemy of her people and of her) to a banquet prepared for them. Xerxes is ready, he calls for Haman to be brought at once.

So the banquet proceeds and the king is eager to know what is on his queen’s mind and after drinking some wine brings up the subject again. Her request? Come to a banquet I will prepare for the King and Haman again tomorrow and I will make my request.

Well, Haman is flying high. He is being honored by the King and the Queen. As far as he is concerned his “star is rising”. He leaves the palace to go home and there he sees the one thing that ruins his whole mood. Mordecai. Once again Mordecai will not bow and this more than ruins Haman’s day. We are told Haman is filled with RAGE!

He arrives home and calls together his closest friends and family and boasts of his good fortune. Wealth, power and prestige! Yet he admits he can’t enjoy it because of “that Jew”Mordecai.

His wife has an idea she figures will satisfies her husband. Build a gallows, 75 feet high! Tomorrow ask the king to hang Mordecai on it. This not only please Haman. The Bible says it delighted him. Haman is flying high once again. Little does he know his huge ego is about to take a huge fall.

Come back for a delicious turn of events. Our God has a sense of humor and no screenwriter could write a better scene.


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